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Privacy Policy

In accordance with the provisions of articles 6, 8, 15 and 16 of the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties (the “Law” ) , this Privacy Notice is issued in accordance with the following:

ARANTZA® COSMETICS (hereinafter the ” Company “), is committed to the transparency, security and privacy of the Personal Data of its employees, suppliers and any third party, for which reason it makes this Privacy Notice available to you, with the purpose of knowing how your personal data and any information collected through different means, including our website, are used, disclosed and stored, in order to guarantee the privacy of said information and the right to informative self-determination of our employees, suppliers and any third party. Likewise, it informs you of the purposes for which the Company collects and processes your Personal Data (as said term is defined below).


In accordance with the foregoing, this Privacy Notice applies to all information, including Personal Data, as well as Sensitive Personal Data of our employees and suppliers, as well as third parties, including information from job applicants, with whom the Company intends to initiate a labor, contractual and/or commercial relationship, collected by the Company to prepare and initiate employment files of its employees or applicants; to comply with labor and commercial obligations; to comply with contractual relationships with employees and suppliers, for commercial references of employees or third parties; to request, collect and analyze employment and personal references from third parties, including job applicants, employees, consultants, clients, suppliers and, in general, any third party;
Consequently, at the time of reading this Privacy Notice, you give your consent to the Company to collect, use and transfer your Personal Data for the purposes specified below.

Personal and sensitive personal data:

The Company has requested and/or received and/or may request the following Personal Data, including Sensitive Personal Data of employees, customers, suppliers, business partners or any third party. Said information is provided voluntarily, free of charge and consists of data that, by way of example but not limitation, is described below:

  1. Full name (paternal last name, maternal last name and name(s) and/or name and company name;
  2. Birthdate;
  3. Civil status;
  4. Current address;
  5. Nationality;
  6. Federal Taxpayer Registry (RFC);
  7. Unique Population Registry Code (CURP);
  8. Home and/or cell phone and/or office;
  9. Personal and/or work email address;
  10. Health condition;
  11. Profession or current or previous professional experience;
  12. Number of family members or economic dependents;
  13. Alimony obligation;
  14. Bank account number and name of the financial or credit institutions with which you are affiliated;
  15. Affiliation number to the Mexican Institute of Social Security, and;
  16. Heritage information.

The information referred to above could be captured through the various operational departments and accredited personnel of the Company, either directly and personally by the owner himself, or through electronic, optical, sound, visual means or by any other means. other technology in order to comply with the purposes of the Company, as well as with multiple obligations of a legal and administrative nature, such as, but not limited to: entering into individual work contracts; contracting providers of goods or services; contracting of medical insurance; contracting of life insurance; payment of salaries and other labor contributions; payment of services to suppliers, to the hiring, location, communication, contact and administration of their personnel; recommendations and/or personal and work references; all kinds of internal promotions, such as announcements, birthday publications, anniversaries, job promotions, professional achievements, births or deaths of relatives, among others; the search, negotiation and generation of contractual relationships with its customers and suppliers, as well as compliance with its tax and social security contributions. All of the above in strict adherence to current legislation in the Mexican Republic. as well as compliance with their tax and social security contributions. All of the above in strict adherence to current legislation in the Mexican Republic. as well as compliance with their tax and social security contributions. All of the above in strict adherence to current legislation in the Mexican Republic.
Regarding Sensitive Personal Data, we obtain information regarding your finances, patrimonial information, as well as the state of health of our employees or third parties who apply for employment in the Company, in order to comply with legal, labor, and social security obligations. , health and medical assistance, first aid, paramedic or prevention. Said information may be shared with doctors or nurses who provide their services in the Company, as well as with Social Security.

Means to exercise your ARGO rights:

As the owner of the Personal Data, you have the right to access your Personal Data that we possess and the details of its treatment, as well as to rectify it if it is inaccurate and/or incomplete, or to cancel it when you consider that it is not required for any of the purposes indicated in this Privacy Notice, or consider that they are being used for non-consensual purposes or the contractual or service relationship has ended, or, oppose the treatment thereof for specific purposes, you may exercise before the Company , any of the ARCO rightswhich contemplates article 22 of the Law, and which are explained below, with the understanding that each of these rights is independent from each other, that is, it is not necessary to exhaust one in order to exercise any of the other 3 (three):

  1. Access – It is the power that you have to request the Company to inform you if it has any of your Personal Data in its Databases.
  2. Rectification – It is the right that you have to correct your Personal Data in possession of the Company.
  3. Cancellation – It is the power that you have to request the cancellation of your Personal Data in possession of the Company.
  4. Opposition – It is the power that you have to request the Company to refrain from processing your Personal Data in certain situations.

To exercise ARCO rights, you must submit the respective request by electronic means using the following email:
The written request that you submit to exercise your ARCO rights must contain at least: (i) your name; (ii) address or means to receive communications; (iii) email in which you wish to receive all the information related to the process; (iv) your identification or the documents that prove your identity or the personality of your legal representative; (v) a clear and precise explanation of the Personal Data with respect to which one seeks to exercise any of the ARCO rights; and, (vi) any other element that allows us to identify and/or locate the Personal Data in question. In the case of “rectification” of your Personal Data, you must also indicate the exact modification you are seeking to make and present the documentation that supports the request.
Additionally, for your protection and benefit, we may request additional documentation that allows us to fully identify the Personal Data that you wish to access, rectify and/or cancel, or those with respect to which you wish to oppose their treatment. The Company will ensure that the Personal Data contained in the databases are pertinent, correct and updated for the purposes for which they were collected and when they are no longer necessary for the fulfillment of the intended purposes, they must be cancelled. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Company may not be able to cancel or block your Personal Data in accordance with the provisions of the Law.
Once your complete and duly integrated request is received, the Company will notify you of the corresponding response within a maximum period of 10 (ten) business days. If appropriate, within the following 15 (fifteen) business days you can make the requested right effective. In the event that the Company must deliver documentation as a result of the exercised right, it will do so through copies that will be sent to you by email or will make them available to you at the address indicated for that purpose, within the aforementioned period. , so that you can collect them directly or through a third party authorized by means of a simple power of attorney and before two witnesses.
All communication should be directed to the following Customer Service Department of the Company, which has been designated as responsible for processing requests and promoting the protection of Personal Data, in terms of article 30 of the Law.

Transfer of personal data:

The Company may transfer your Personal Data to the following persons and/or entities, with the understanding that it must ensure that said persons and/or entities keep strict confidentiality regarding the information provided:

  1. Entities affiliated with the Company in Mexico or abroad.
  2. Third-party service providers for the fulfillment of labor, commercial, legal, accounting, regulatory or contractual obligations in charge of the Company, including banking institutions, legal, financial, accounting or tax advisors; insurance, etc.; or any of its companies, subsidiaries or affiliates in Mexico or abroad.
  3. Third parties for purposes of labor, academic, personal, commercial, marketing, information technology, operation, administration, commercialization and other analogous and lawful purposes.
  4. Third parties for social security, hygiene and health purposes.
  5. Third parties, and other employees of the Company or users of the Company’s network, in order to publish announcements regarding job promotions, anniversaries, birthdays, celebrations, and/or notices of any kind.

Any modification to this Privacy Notice will be informed indistinctly, through notices at the Company’s offices, email, or through the Internet portals of the Company, if applicable.

Use of Cookies and Web Beacons:

Cookies are text files that are automatically downloaded and stored on the hard drive of the user’s computer equipment when browsing a specific internet page, which allow the internet server to remember some data about this user, including their preferences for the visualization of the pages in that server, name and password.
For its part, web beacons are images inserted into a web page or email, which can be used to monitor the behavior of a visitor, such as storing information about the user’s IP address, duration of interaction time on said page and the type of browser used, among others.
We inform you that the Company uses cookies and web beacons to obtain personal information from you, such as the following:

  1. Your browser type and operating system.
  2. The web pages you visit.
  3. The links you follow.
  4. The IP address.
  5. The site you visited before entering ours.

These cookies and other technologies can be disabled.

Modifications to the Privacy Policy:

At any time, the Company may make modifications or updates to this Privacy Notice derived from new legal requirements, the privacy policies or practices of the Company or its needs derived from the products or services it offers, or for any other reason.
The Company will notify you of any changes or updates to this Privacy Notice, through notices at the Company’s offices, by email or through the Company’s internet portals.

Last update: March 9, 2020.

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